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Dr. Anish Roy 学术报告

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报告题目:Modelling of machining processes at small length scales (小尺度机械加工过程的数值模拟)

报 告 人:Dr. Anish Roy (Reader in Mechanics of Materials)

报告人单位:Loughborough University, UK (英国)



邀 请 人:黄敏生  教授


  Dr Anish Roy is a Reader in Mechanics of Materials and Processes at Loughborough University. Prior to joining Loughborough University, he was employed as an R&D engineer at the DOW Chemical Company, The Netherlands. He received his MS and PhD in Computational Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA in 2005. Since then he has undertaken extensive research material modelling including machinability of aerospace alloys and composites with a focus on hybrid machining techniques. To date, he has published 30+ refereed journal papers on theoretical development, numerical analysis of material behaviour in small length scales and machining of metals, ceramics and composites. His recent work deals with understanding deformation twinning in HCP metals and micro-mechanics of deformation in single crystal silicon carbide.